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Optoacoustic imaging

Optoacoustic imaging is an hybrid imaging technique that combine emission of electromagnetic energy (typically laser beams), and reception of sound waves generated by the interaction of the eletromagnetic energy with the tissues.

It can be used to reconstruct the absorption pattern of the incident energy source in 3D with excellent spatial resolution as good as 10 microns .

Imasonic detector arrays have been engineered specifically to optimise thermoacoustic signal detection and have been found to offer a fourfold improvement in sensitivity in received mode compared with conventional piezoelectric transducers, keeping a wide bandwidth

Example of array trandsducer for optoacoustic imaging

These transducers are custom designed, with following main features :

  • Frequency range 200 KHz - 20 MHz
  • Specific EM shielding to optimise sensitivity in receive mode
  • Wide capability of linear or matrix array pattern
  • Low cross coupling
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