COVID-19 Situation

Focus on health and safety

In the context of the Covid-19 epidemic, Imasonic reopened its premises on Thursday, April 2, after two weeks of closure, under exceptionally designed sanitary conditions to ensure the health of its employees without compromising the quality and reliability of its products.

We have decided to resume an activity which will be partial at first during the shortest possible time, taking into account both the health and safety requirements of our employees and our desire to penalize as little as possible our customers, suppliers and partners.

Exceptional working conditions

Telework remains the priority for all those who can, and business trips and receptions are cancelled until further notice.

For those who work on our premises, sanitary arrangements, including for example minimum distances between people and regular cleaning protocols, will impact the way we work and potentially our productivity.

A number of employees will return to work at a later date due to medical situations identified as high risk or due to incompatible family situations.

To support our customers, suppliers and partners

This is a new situation in many ways, and we are trying to manage it in the best possible way for everyone.

We wish everyone good health in the coming weeks, and that each company can get through this atypical and difficult period in the best possible conditions.

We would like to thank our customers, suppliers and partners for their trust and understanding. They can count on an involved and motivated IMASONIC team.

Your usual contacts remain available for any further information.


Imasonic management