The IMASONIC team encompasses a wide range of professions and skills


  • The Sales team is ready to discuss with customers the most appropriate products and services for their needs.
  • The Research and Development team designs new products. A number of specialized fields come together to develop new products: physics, acoustics, materials, mechanical engineering, micromechanics, miniaturization, chemistry, etc.
  • A Production team manufactures the transducers. We make use of many different manufacturing processes: micro-machining, shaping, plating, etching, assembling, welding. The performances of all our finished products are tested to check that they meet our customers’ expectations.
  • The Administrative team supports and advises the other teams to ensure the smooth operation of the company. It is made up of specialists in quality, safety, law, IT, management, and HR.
  • Within our company, people with different qualifications and backgrounds work together: we are contributing to promoting diversity.