MRI compatible miniature circular array
Miniature HIFU circular array transducer

Note : all presented transducers are custom products designed according to the needs of a particular application. They are not catalogue products available on request


  • Maximum intensity at surface: up to 20 W/cm²
  • Efficiency : 50%
  • 64 elements on 360°
  • Cross coupling : -40 dB
  • Active diameter : 10 mm
  • Frequency : 5 MHz
  • Integrated cooling
  • MRI compatible.

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Treatment of oesophageal tumors


Focus on directivity of the elements

The figure below illustrate the good correlation between theoretical and experimental results for elementary directivity.


“The feasibility of developing a 64 elements cylindrical array for intraductal thermal surgery”, D. Melodelima, C. Lafon, A. Birer1, Y. Theillère and D. Cathignol – Inserm – Unit 556, F. Prat – Dept of hepatogastroenterology, Bicêtre Hospital, 2002 IEEE ultrasonic symposuim