To act for the benefit of humans and their environment

Our vocation and our ambition

  • Contribute to safety, particularly in transport and energy production
  • Contribute to major advances in health domain
  • Take action on a daily basis to reduce our impact on the environment

Our profession

Design and manufacture of ultrasonic transducers

Our objectives

We aims to provide high added-value products, services and collaborations

For this we rely on:

  • A research and development capacity based on 30 years experience and using the best tools currently available for designing, manufacturing and characterizing transducers.
  • A production capacity organized for customized, series or prototype production, backed by the resources of an organization, quality management, process control and equipment maintenance.
  • The experience of many collaborative projects, both national and international
  • Practical experience of numerous innovations in the medical and industrial fields
  • A quality management system in accordance with ISO 9001: 2015

Examples of contributions with high added value for health and safety

Focused ultrasounds therapy

The development of technologies and transducers specifically designed to generate high intensity ultrasound beams is the foundation of the new transducers for treating tumours, such as, for example, prostate cancer, breast cancer and uterine fibroids.

Example of probe of high power and focused ultrasound for therapeutic application

Non destructive testing of materials

The development of transducers known as Fermat surface, the development of a very large range of transducers known as Phased Array, including flexible Phased Array transducers and transducers that can withstand high temperatures and pressures, now contribute to the efficient testing of the quality of essential components such as aircraft engine components, and turbines and other components of energy production plants.

Examples of phased array probes for NDT