Our Offer

The wide variety in NDT applications and methods leads to a wide variety of needs.

Over thirty years, IMASONIC has acquired extensive experience in NDT requirements, and can offer this expertise in designing and manufacturing transducers adapted to this wide variety.
In addition, IMASONIC is recognized for the quality, reliability and performance of its products.

A transducer adapted to each application

IMASONIC’s customers have at their disposal the expertise of the Imasonic team and their design capacity to define the appropriate transducers for their applications. This service includes, in particular, feasibility studies associating simulation and/or prototyping. In complement, IMASONIC can also offer customers access to their partner network of specialists in needs related to transducers (electronics, mechanics, methods, etc.)

"Customized" transducers

Some NDT needs require the development of a one-off transducer dedicated to a target application. IMASONIC proposes the production and characterization of these “made-to-measure” transducers, defined according to detailed specifications. In this context, IMASONIC draws up individual agreements to deal with the copyright management of any studies undertaken.

IMASONIC’s piezocomposite technology has a very large capacity for adaptation to the most varied needs. Over twenty years, IMASONIC has developed a high level of expertise in providing for these types of needs.

"Standard" or "near-standard" transducers

Other NDT needs may be met with transducers whose design may be described as “standard” or “near-standard”. For these needs, IMASONIC has developed a technological platform where, in a large number of cases, certain parameters on a predefined design base can be adapted. This approach offers very competitive prices and rapid delivery, while still offering a high level of quality, reliability and reproducibility.


IMASONIC’s industrial and commercial organization provides the right response to all needs, for single units up to production runs of several thousands of units.