Our Commitments

In a context where the technical and economic performance stakes are high, IMASONIC makes the following commitments:


Our careful attention to each customer’s specific needs for each application shows our determination to meet performance requirements needs. In seeking the highest quality, we also propose and implement solutions adapted to the different development stages, from the prototypes developed for feasibility studies right through to the finished products destined for industrial applications with reproducibility requirements.


IMASONIC undertakes to identify, with their customers, the standards requirements that apply, and to translate the requirements applying to systems into requirements applying to transducers. IMASONIC’s commitment can also be seen in their contribution to work on current standards to anticipate future requirements.

Transducer specifications

IMASONIC undertakes to collaborate closely with their customers to identify the essential requirements, conformity criteria and verification conditions (tests and measurements) consistent with performance needs and standards requirements. On delivery, these specifications are completed by recommendations on conditions of integration and use, to reduce any risks linked to the implementation of the product.


IMASONIC undertakes to verify conformity to essential requirements and conformity criteria through tests and measurements. A formal report presents the results. IMASONIC also undertakes to offer characterization solutions that are reproducible and connected to the appropriate standards where they exist.

Reliability and durability

IMASONIC undertakes to collaborate with their customers to identify any risks of failure from the viewpoint of conditions of integration and use, and to monitor the performance of the products over time in normal conditions of use.


IMASONIC undertakes to protect their customers’ confidential information and thus to protect their interests. In particular, this commitment can be formalized by signing non-disclosure agreements.


IMASONIC undertakes to alert their customers if any uncertainty arises regarding the relevance of a study or a manufacturing process in connection with the reliability of a transducer or the safety of its use.