Cables and connectors


IMASONIC phased array transducers are compatible with most systems on the market. The different standard connectors are available. Among them are the following:

Cable Characteristics

The standard IMASONIC cables offered on phased array transducers have been carefully selected for their mechanical and electrical properties.

  • Little loss through attenuation or signal filtering
  • Good flexibility
  • Good mechanical resistance to handling
  • Compatibility with most industrial environments
Cable Type
Multi-coaxial 50 Ohms cable with overall shielding
Number of channel
Up to 16
Up to 64
Up to 128
Up to 256
Cable diameter
4.1 mm
5.6 mm
7.8 mm
9 mm
External jacket PVC or Halogen free

Cable protection

IMASONIC can offer several different cable protection options adapted to demanding environments:

Kevlar covering

Plastic ringed covering

Metallic braid

Minimum radius of curvature and size
Resistance to rubbing, pinching and cutting
+ ++ +
Resistance to compression
Eletromagnetic field shielding

Extension cables, adaptors and splitters

In addition to phased array transducers, IMASONIC can propose extension cables, adaptators and splitters, for connecting several probes to a system, or a probe and a system that have different connectors.