Special contact transducers


A wide range of manual or automated NDT applications

General characteristics

  • Piezocomposite
  • Acoustically matched to wedge or wear resistant front face
  • Integral or removable wedge
  • Active size from 1mm
  • Centre frequency (-6dB) : from 500 kHz to 15 MHz
  • Relative bandwidth (-6dB) : 60 to 90 %
  • Circular or rectangular active area
  • Flat or focused active area
  • Watertight stainless steel housing
  • Connector or integrated cable


  • Hard face for use in direct contact
  • Integrated wedge
  • Housing customized for the mechanical environment (inspected parts, scanner, wedges, etc)
  • Customized connection
  • Adaptation to a particular environment (temperature, pressure, radiation,
    chemical compatibility)
  • Halogen-free for nuclear environments
  • Water inlets