Custom immersion probes


Automated inspection of various parts and materials :

  • Tubes, bars, plates inline
  • Pipelines
  • Machined parts and forged parts
  • Metals, composite materials, ceramics, plastics., etc.

General characteristics*

  • Piezocomposite
  • Acoustically matched to water
  • Active size from 1mm to 300mm
  • Centre frequency (-6dB) : from 200 kHz to 20 MHz
  • Relative bandwidth (-6dB) : 60 to 90 %
  • Circular or rectangular active area
  • Flat or focused active area
  • Watertight stainless steel housing
  • Connector or integrated cable


  • Spherical, cylindrical or aspherical focusing
  • Temperature up to 180°C in continuous or 250°C over short periods
  • Pressure up to 600 bars
  • Compatibility with chemical agents, oil, see water
  • Halogen free
  • Resistant to nuclear radiation

* Some combinations of active are, frequencies, focusing and options may not be feasible