Daisy arrays


Internal tube and bore inspection
External tube inspection


The ultrasonic beam is emitted by a flat circular transducer, which is reflected on the part to be inspected using a mirror.
Electronic scanning allows the beam to be turned through 360°, without rotating the probe or the mirror.
The choice of the angle of the mirror enables the beam to be given a straight or oblique incidence.

General Characteristics

  • Frequency from 5 to 15 MHz
  • Number of elements: 32 to 256 (according to the tube diameter)
  • Minimum internal tube diameter (for internal probes): 15 mm
  • High sensitivity and signal-to-noise ratio, thanks to the acoustic matching to water that allows a very good transfer of acoustic energy
  • Good axial resolution, and reduction of the unseen area below the surface thanks to a short pulse length
  • Reproducibility of the inspection through the homogeneity of performance between the elements of the same probe, and between different probes of the same type.
Example of daisy probe with removable mirror


  • Centring device
  • Water input device
  • Mechanical interfacing with the pusher-puller
  • Customized connection
  • Adaptation to a particular environment (temperature, pressure, radiation, chemical compatibility).