Enhanced focusing (Fermat)


  • Inspection of thick parts and non-homogeneous materials
  • Multizone billets inspection
  • Thick plates inspection
  • Heavy forged parts inspection
  • Nuclear vessel inspection
Aspherically focused transducers for titanium billets inspection


The aspherically-focused active area is calculated to obtain the best focusing effect at a given location in the material with a given refracted angle, through a flat, cylindrical or toric interface.
Moreover, a wide transducer aperture combined with Fermat concept allows very high lateral resolution and signal-to-noise ratio.

It is typically used in immersion with pulse echo technique, but can also be used in contact with a delay line.


  • Very high resolution and signal-to-noise ratio
  • Beam profile very close to simulation thanks to piezocomposite technology
  • Fermat concept may be used on phased array probes, allowing flexible high-resolution beam focusing and beam scanning

Main Characteristics

  • Piezocomposite technology
  • Centre frequency (-6dB): from 1MHz to 15 MHz
  • Relative bandwidth (-6dB): 60 to 90 %
  • Acoustic impedance matched to water or delay line
  • Watertight stainless steel housing


  • Customized wiring (cable length, type or positioning, connector type)
  • Housing adapted to mechanical set-up (probe holder, wedge, etc)
  • Adapted to environmental constraints (temperature, pressure, radiation, vibration, etc)