Steam generators tubes
Application example


Flexible circular phased array probes
Frequency from 8 to 15 MHz
Focused active area profile
Integrated multiplexor

Miniaturised probes for tubes inner diameter down to 12mm

10 MHz 80 elts circular phased array probe


High speed inspection with 360° electronic scanning

Manual or automated inspection
Contact with wedge

Circumferential cracks detection / axial angled emission


Inspection feasability thanks to circular array feasability and space saving
High resolution thanks to the frequency of 10 MHz

Wall thickness measurement (radial emission)


“Circular phased array probes for inspection of Superphoenix steam generator tubes”, J Poguet, G Fleury – IMASONIC S.A. / O Burat & G Moreau – FRAMATOME , EPRI Phased Array inspection seminar, September 1998, Portland, Main, USA

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