Titanium billets
Application example

Multizone technique


Sets of aspherically focused high resolution probes (Fermat)
Centre frequency from 3.5 MHz to 7.5 MHz
1/2″ to 4″ active diameter


Immersion technique
Multizone technique : each transducer covers a zone of about 1″ depth with homogeneous sensitivity


Very high sensitivity and resolution : detection of #2 FBH according to GE standards for billets diameter from 6″ to 13″
Homogeneity of the performances through the batches and through the years
Reliability in industrial using conditions including long term immersion

Courtesy General Electric Aircraft Engines

Aspherically focused active surface
Aspherically focused transducers for titanium billets inspection

Time reversal mirror technique


Large aperture matrix phased array probe
5 or 7.5 MHz, 121 elements
Aspherically focused active area


Time reversal mirror technique (Pr Fink / ESPCI)


Inspection depth up to 10″ with more than 19dB s/n ratio on #2fbh
3D beam steering thanks to 2D elements pattern

Courtesy Snecma / ESPCI

Large aperture, aspherically focused matrix array probe for titanium billets inspection with Time Reversal Mirror technique