TOFD. Transducers


Using the TOFD technique, cracks are detected, sized and monitored, irrespective of their type and/or orientation, by using the diffracted sound initiating from the flaw tips.
Two transducers are used to transmit and receive.
The beam divergence is enough to cover the whole thickness of the inspected part, which is displayed between the lateral wave (surface) and the back-wall echo.


  • Possibility of detecting and sizing the defects
  • Reduced dead zone
  • Fast technique

General Characteristics

  • Piezocomposite active area
  • Nominal frequency from 1 to 20MHz
  • High resolution/sizing capability because of a short pulse length
  • Very high sensitivity/detection capability
  • High reliability over time thanks to a design that is watertight and resistant to corrosion, compatible with permanent immersion in a metre of water.