A-scan probes for ophtalmology

Based on our proprietary Piezocomposite Technology, IMASONIC A-Scan probes are used to measure the length of the eye and can be useful in diagnosing common sight disorders. Designed with a center red LED (light-emitting diode) for an optimal alignment of the acoustical axis with the visual axis, they offer an unequalled level of performance and are compatible with any driving electronics.

IMASONIC has paid also a particular attention to other important features including:

Electrical safety: in order to check the product is safe and meets safety requirements, hipot tests at a level of 4000 V AC are implemented for all the probes.

RoHS compliancy : The product is RoHS compliant with exemption 7CI concerning lead in piezoelectric device.

Our careful attention to each customer’s specific needs has led to this standard configuration for this application. We can also propose any customized version based on your specific requirement. Do not hesitate to contact us!

The table below synthesizes the main characteristics of this probe. Do not hesitate to contact your usual interlocutors for

Central frequency 10 MHz
Active diameter 5 mm
Focal distance 25 mm
Performances Band with (-6 dB) > 60%

Pulse length (-20 dB) < 350 ns

LED Placed in a 1 mm diameter center hole and guided through an optical fiber

Colour : red

Housing dimensions Ergonomic and biocompatible plastic casing for a simple and easy handling

Length : 100 mm

Cable 50 Ohms bicoaxial Cable

Length 2 meters

Output on back side with a protective sleeve

Connector On request
Excitation conditions Polarity : Bipolar or negative

Pulse type : Short pulse or 10 MHz

Max voltage : 200 Vpp

Maximum repetition frequency : 2 kHz

Final control Temporal response and spectrum analysis

Hipot tests (4000 Volts AC)