Technological advantages

In contrast with most ultrasound modalities for medical applications, (especially ultrasound imaging), Therapeutic Ultrasound involves technologies and procedures which require specially-adapted technologies for generating high power or high pressure levels and for controlling focusing.

Almost since its creation in 1989, in response to the requirements of ultrasound therapy techniques, IMASONIC has been developing innovative technological solutions for high power transducers.

Compatibility with ultrasonic or MRI guiding and monitoring

The imaging mode associated with therapeutic ultrasound is an important input parameter of the high power transducer design, with 3 possible guiding and monitoring strategies having consequences on tranducer design

  1. MRI imaging requires compatible materials and geometry
  2. Ultrasonic imaging requires either an integrated imaging array or a dedicated mechanical space to implement a separate imaging probe
  3. Dual mode requires a tranducer able to combine high-power and imaging capability with the same active area.

See more information about MRI compatibility, ultrasonic imaging and dual mode

High efficiency and reliability for demanding treatment principle

The capacity to generate a high level of acoustic power is one of the essential performance of a transducer for therapeutic applications.

Imasonic technology based on proprietary piezocomposite materials allow this high power generation over a large frequency range. The typical efficiciency, depending on design, is between 60 and 85%.

Acoustic design can be adapted to various treatment principle

  • HIFU transducers, designed to generate thermal effect
  • Histotripsy transducers, designed to generate mechanical effect with high pressure short waves

Precisely controlled and localized insonification

Beam accuracy and predictability are key parameters to ensure the efficiency and safety of ultrasonic high power treatments.

Thanks to its 30 years experience on piezocomposite technology dedicated to high power transducers, Imasonic offers focused transducers with F number down to 0.5 (hemispherical)

The focusing is done by shaping, avoiding losses in the lens, with a  high level of confidence on beam predictability.

Flexibility in size and geometry to address all access mode

Transducers can be designed for various access mode

  • Extra-corporal treatment, with transducer embedded in a bed or robotized arm for example
  • Endocavitary access, with transducers designed to fit the space constraints
  • Interstitial use, with transducer designed to be compatible with surgical use