Examples of array transducers

These examples illustrate IMASONIC’s capabilities to design and build products with widely varying requirements and application constraints. It is not a catalog or an exhaustive presentation of our achievements.

General features

Array type Linear, annular, matrix or circular
Pattern Regular, non-periodic, randomized, specific
Acoustic Intensity From 1 to 50 Wac/cm² (see technical note #3)
Other features (mechanical design, connection, etc.) Customized


  • Spoon like transducer with US guidance in the device

Coustesy EDAP TMS

  • System with US-guided transducer for Histrotripsy application

Courtesy Histosonics Inc.

  • Trans-oesophagial MRI compatible array probe with integrated cooling


  • Matrix array probe with custom element pattern and integrated imaging array

  • 512 elts hemispherical transducer for brain application

  • 256 elts high power transducer for research application

  • 128 elts HIFU transducer for research application

  • US-Guided array for liver application