Guidance and monitoring options
Imaging modes

The high power transducer positionning and the monitoring of ultrasonic effect on the tissues are key parameters for the safety of therapeutic ultrasound.

MRI and ultrasonic imaging (echography) are the most commonly used methods.

In some cases, the high power transducer itself is used as imaging probe, in a dual mode approach.

Examples of MRI and Ultrasonic imaging of HIFU treatments

MRI compatible transducers

MRI compatibility requires a careful selection of material to be used in the transducers, as well as some geometry constraints.

Imasonic has developed a specific know how over the last 20 years to offer MRI compatible transducers for therapeutic applications

Examples of MRI compatible transducers

Transducers with ultrasonic imaging

Ultrasonic imaging of therapeutic ultrasound typicaly requires an imaging array as close as possible to the high power transducer.

This can be addressed with an imaging probe integrated in the high power probe, or with a reserved space in the probe, typically a hole in the center with the required geometry.

Example of transducers compatible with ultrasonic imaging

Dual mode transducers

In some cases, the same transducer can be used for both high power emission and pulse-echo imaging.

Imasonic can to design and manufacture high power wideband transducer compatible with dual mode requirements

Example of wide band dual mode transducer