What our transducers can do for your images

Imasonic medical transducers and probes offer numerous advantages with direct benefit for your applications

Accurate beams

  • Direct focusing through high precision shaping of transducer elements
  • Predictable and reliable beam pattern thanks to low level of parasitic vibration modes and low cross coupling between elements or arrays

High sensitivity

  • High acoustic efficiency and signal to noise ratio
  • Acoustic impedance matching to liquids and human tissues

Axial resolution

  • Good intrinsic damping of piezocomposite material
  • Very low level of parasitic vibrations
  • Low acoustic reverberation on front face


  • Withstanding use and cleaning conditions
    (mechanical and thermal shocks, chemical agents)
  • Stability and reproducibility of the performances over the years
  • Unequalled mechanical and thermal resistance

Large bandwidth

  • Good intrinsic damping of piezocomposite material
  • Spectrum adjustment capability via piezocomposite structure and materials