ISTU Webinar

Experience and excellence in the therapeutic field

Imasonic designed and manufactured its first transducer for a therapeutic application more than 30 years ago, and since then has constantly developed and improved its technology and support to meet the most demanding needs.

  • Pioneer in the field of therapeutic ultrasound for a large range of innovative applications
  • Unequalled 30 years’ experience in high power transducers
  • Constantly evolving technology based on proprietary piezocomposite structures

The widest range of high power transducers

Imasonic offers a wide range of transducers with possible combination of several parameters including :

From R&D to serial production

Imasonic R&D and industrial organisation helps to offer transducers for various development stages of therapeutic applications

  • Prototype transducers produced as part of upstream research work or a feasibility study,
  • Serial production of transducers intended to equip a certified medical device.

Qualification & safety

The transducer is an essential component of the overall performance of the system and plays a decisive role in questions relating to safety. IMASONIC proposes to accompany you by sharing its experience and expertise on the following topics:

  • Support for the risk assessment of the transducer,
  • Translation of normative requirements of the complete device in which the transducer in integrated into design or test requirements
  • Co-design of a qualification plan of the solution under the actual using conditions of the entire device