Your project
Adapted solutions


The various requirements concerning each product (functional performances, technical characteristics, conditions during use, economical aspects..) are summarised in a specification file.

Imasonic can help you to set-up this specification and update it regularly depending on results and inputs at each stage of the product development.

Quality & Standards

Imasonic has been ISO 9001 certified since 1998 and is committed to provide products and services according to this standard.

In addition, other standards can be managed for your projects:

  • Bio-compatibility
  • Electromagnetic emissions
  • Electrical protection of the patient
  • Acoustic emission level

Conditions during use

Particular conditions during use can also be integrated for the design of your products:

  • Cleaning conditions (chemical, autoclave..)
  • Using conditions (mechanical vibrations or shocks, long term immersion..)
  • Integration conditions (compatibility with liquid of mechanical probes dome,


Confidentiality of information communicated with our customers is a constant concern of our team.